Pearl Charles announces Sleepless Dreamer with a slinky video for its title track

Her debut full-length drops in February.

November 02, 2017

Remember the video for Miley Cyrus's "Adore You"? The one where she's acting all sexy toward the camera under some white sheets? Well, L.A. singer-songwriter Pearl Charles's very Californian visual for "Sleepless Dreamer" is a little bit like that, only more cinematic and way sexier. In the video, debuting below, she's torn between two lovers, but ultimately seems to be more comfortable with just herself as she drives lit by neon, and gets sensual alone in the hall of a hotel room.


Pearl's also announcing the followup to her 2015 self-titled EP, a debut record called Sleepless Dreamer, which is due February 2018 on Kanine Records.

"I decided on 'Sleepless Dreamer' as both the lead single and album title because it concisely sums up the themes of questioning, disillusion and the eternal search for self that I feel are so central to the record," Pearl wrote over email. "For the video, director Melodi Meadows and I chose the Madonna Inn to symbolize an iconic Californian, but distinctly not Angeleno, setting to contrast with the shots of the city as well as the shots of the journey from one destination to another, from reality to dream, to capture the feeling of that sleepless restlessness which leads to the desire to hit the road looking for answers."

Sleepless Dreamer is out in February on Kanine Records