Trill Youngins’s “No Smoke” is a message for the skeptics

The East Oakland group debuts a video from their new album, Lost In The Streets.

November 03, 2017

Last summer, we caught up with East Oakland rap group Trill Youngins in their hometown, where we talked to them about the uniquely candy-coated, uplifting sound that defined their 2016 project, Upperclass Lifestyle. Now, after taking time to focus on solo projects, the group has finally come together again; their newest album, Lost In The Streets, is out today. To celebrate, they’re sharing the video for “No Smoke,” premiering above.


The song has all the components of a classic Trill Youngins track: twinkling and upbeat production; explosive verses from Clear It Out, Sonnie, and Mitche; and a wildly contagious hook by expert chorus crafter LayEmDown. “They don’t want no smoke, no they don’t want no smoke from me,” he belts, his whole team echoing him. On the song, the group tells off those who may have doubted or challenged them. It's a celebration of staying true to themselves and each other. Watch the video above, and listen to their new album right here.

Trill Youngins’s “No Smoke” is a message for the skeptics