Ms Banks’s “Yu Zimme” remix is fire and Nicki Minaj knows it

“Yuh nuh affi ask when ya see me. See di house and cyar dat ah fimi. 🏆”

November 06, 2017

Nicki Minaj’s appreciation for U.K. culture goes way back. From day one, she’s dipped into an upper-crust London accent, and in 2011’s “Moment for Life” video, she unveiled a British fairy godmother alter ego, Martha Zolanski.


But it’s clear that Nicki’s love for the U.K. runs even deeper. On November 5, she tweeted out rising British MC Ms Banks’s lyrics, “Yuh nuh affi ask when ya see me. See di house and cyar dat ah fimi. 🏆.” They’re lifted from the south Londoner’s fun, dynamic verse on this summer’s femme-focused “Yu Zimme Rmx,” which also features Lisa Mercedez and the dancehall-inspired tune’s original creator, Stylo G. Understandably, Ms Banks lost it after seeing Nicki’s tweet, prompting a sweet exchange between the artists. They made plans to link up next year.

“Yu Zimme Rmx” is fire, with an infectious summery beat that makes you momentarily forget that it gets dark at 4 p.m. now. Mercedez and Banks’s bars are sexually-charged, with a pumped-up confidence to their delivery as they place their pleasure at the top of the agenda. “He see my lips, he wanna ask me what that mouth do,” Banks raps with a sneer. “I said, ‘Rudeboy, show me what that cake does.”’

Watch the video above, which features lots of skimpy Jamaican-flag string vests, an all-women squad dipping it low, and some inventive use of a pool cue from Lisa Mercedez. When you’re done, check out Ms Banks’s own trap banger “OMG,” and her Stefflon Don collab, “Uno My Style Remix.”