Kim Kardashian-West wants you to know about the “Shazam for fashion”

She like really, really wants you to know all about it.

November 07, 2017

If you happened to scroll past Kim Kardashian-West's social media today, it's clear that she wants you to know about one thing: her new app. Having been working on it for "maybe like a year and a half now," as she explains in one video, she's ready to spread the word about the "Shazam for clothes." Welcome ScreenShop.


The app is pretty simple according to West. In short, if you see a look that you like online, take a screenshot and the app will populate similar options for you "within seconds." According to her social media, the multi-hyphenate business woman is an ambassador and advisor for the business. So she probably has a vested interest in seeing it do well.