Soho Rezanejad makes every second of her new eight-minute song count

Lust For Youth’s latest member shares the looming “Greed Wears a Disarming Face.”

November 07, 2017

If electronic artist Soho Rezanejad had taken a different career path, you could imagine her powerful voice booming through classical concert halls. As it is, though, she put her vocal gifts to use making captivating darkwave — her 2015 EP Idolatry is a must for ‘80s inspired acts like like Cold Cave and Zola Jesus. Rezanejad has also featured on tracks by fellow Danish acts like Croatian Amor, as well as the Sacred Bones band Lust For Youth (which she recently became a member of).


Today, Rezanejad unveils the first taste of music from her debut album Six Archetypes, due January 19 on Silicone Records. “Greed Wears a Disarming Face” is a slow-build synth epic, with a video which cuts from surreal moments, to shots of her striding purposefully past concrete architecture. Anchoring it all is the forceful drama of her voice, climaxing in an intense chant of the song’s title and a belting final line which rings out with hope: “Show love / It’s priority.”

Over email, Rezanejad explained that “Greed Wears a Disarming Face” is the first of a series of videos, each themed around a different “archetype” — with new instalments coming in advance of the album’s release in January.

She added: “The first passage in the video relates to the record’s overarching narrative and title, Six Archetypes. Apple seeds rest in my hand while I sleep, searching for my mother in a dream — a reference to the orphan complex that Carl Jung writes about. He thought that children orphan themselves by abandoning their heritage for the pursuit of a particular quest, one which in no way fits their parents' or caretakers' expectations. In a different sense, one can become orphaned from society. An idea or ideology can become so common that the mass establishes a system of expectations: one person's idea becomes the people's image. So what choice do we have other than to be orphans? I am drawn to this archetype because it possesses qualities shared by all visionaries of the world. Inasmuch as the orphan relates to being alone, it's also about the obsession for breaking and challenging systems.”

Watch the video above.

Soho Rezanejad makes every second of her new eight-minute song count Soho Rezanejad   Photo by Frederik Heike
Soho Rezanejad makes every second of her new eight-minute song count