Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s new mixtape Laugh Now, Fly Later

It’s ten tracks and just one feature.

November 09, 2017

Though the original release date was set to be tomorrow, looks like Wiz Khalifa to drop his latest project. Having released the first track off of it last night, Khalifa now drops the entire 10-track tape Laugh Now, Fly Later available on Soundcloud.


The "smoke and think to" music is almost exclusively Khalifa except the opening song. "Royal Highness" features Casey Veggies. Listeners will also hear an extensive "legalize weed" endorsement off the fourth cut off the tape titled "Plane 4 U."

"There ain't nothing wrong with it, you was just raised to think it was bad," the track says. "But now it's time to change your mind. Open your eyes y'all, look around, everybody is getting high."

Fans can expect the rapper to turn his attention to Rolling Papers 2 with this now out.