This ASMR-inspired composition will re-wire your brain

London producer Yamaneko made this track for both the club and the spa.

November 14, 2017
This ASMR-inspired composition will re-wire your brain Yamaneko   Jun Yokoyama

London producer Yamaneko fits in the middle of a Venn diagram of ambient and grime music — with video game and techno influences scattered in for good measure. His latest mini-LP, Spa Commissions, is exactly what it says on the tin: a collection of glimmering, beatless tracks that originally came to life as the result of a commission for a spa in Europe. Perhaps the most weirdly satisfying of these is "Any% Teardrop," a track that takes a warm, gooey center of synth melodies and bakes it in a shell of ASMR-inducing textures.


"What I remember most about writing this tune was the desire to have an ambient tune with what felt like a 'proper' drop in it," Yamaneko wrote in an email to The FADER. "This isn't anything wildly new but this one felt like the first time I ended up with a tune that captured the particular feeling I wanted, the synths all bubbling up around the cat purrs and static before landsliding into this really resonant, pitched-down fog of frequencies. Something with enough meditative qualities to appeal to both a club and a spa.

"The title itself is a tribute to the speedruns and glitches I was obsessing over at the time, especially the sounds certain streamers' keyboards made when pulling off certain tricks, as well as the tones of a handful of voices. I tried to capture the unique sense of calm that brought to me by using the sounds I feel most familiar with myself — fires crackling, cats purring, glasses clinking, plinky plonky synths, and all that — to try and communicate in a way that feels more universal." Local Action will release Spa Commissions on November 17 (pre-order it here).

This ASMR-inspired composition will re-wire your brain