We asked Kelis to leak her skincare routine

“I love a Vitamin C serum, I love a collagen moment.”

Illustration Sharon Gong
November 15, 2017

Boss bitch queen of the universe Kelis Rogers is the epitome of skincare goals. Her glowy skin is the result of a moisture-focused regimen catered to keeping her face supple and radiant.


Over the phone, I spoke to Kelis about her favorite skincare products, and why she’s opted out of using cleansers for the past 20 years.

KELIS: Well, I don’t use soap on my face, that’s the first thing. I think that’s the one consistent thing I’ve done for the past 20 years. It’s because I’m super dry. I might wash my face with an actual cleanser — it sounds crazy — but maybe like once a month. I can’t do it. Every time I do it, I’m way too dry. Moisture for me is the key to everything. I am moisture crazy. I’m obsessed with collagen lately. I mean, like, obsessed. I have collagen products of all kinds. I love trying new products. I am a total product whore. For hair and skin, I am like obsessed. I just think it’s fun.

I obviously wear a lot of makeup for work, but in my everyday life I don’t. I’m big on mascara and lipgloss and that’s about it. My skin is like a playground, I’m always trying new moisturizers. Vitamin C is the key. I love a Vitamin C serum, I love a collagen moment, I love royal jelly. Everything is about hydration and keeping the natural glow. I’m generally in a state of sleep deprivation so I need a lot of creams.

I just recently got that facial thing Hanacure, which I have to say is pretty freaking epic. I don’t even like facial things, but I had to text my friends like, “Yo, it works, this is crazy!” I felt my pores get tighter, it was nuts. It’s really ill. Facial stuff I’m not usually into, I think it’s all crap, but this is actually amazing. When you take it off you’re so freaking soft.