Young Fathers’s “LORD” video is spectacular

Watch the cinematic visuals for the Scottish group’s brand new single.

November 21, 2017

Scotland trio Young Fathers recently shared new single "LORD," a gospel ballad with production that lands somewhere between the godlike nature of The Life Of Pablo and the scuzzy electronics of Yeezus. Today, November 21, the group has shared the official video and it's a doozy. The three members of Young Fathers all appear but it is Alloysious Massaquoi who steals the show. He begins riding a rocking horse and ends up in the shirtless in the rain, bellowing the uplifting chorus with the rest of his bandmates.


Hit play on the video above and experience the whole thing for yourself. Young Fathers are due to release a new album in 2018, when they will also tour the U.K. and Europe. Click here for dates.

Young Fathers’s “LORD” video is spectacular