You need this U.K. garage remix of Kelela’s “Truth or Dare” in your life

Bok Bok works his magic on the Take Me Apart stand-out.

Photographer Renell Medrano
November 27, 2017

Two weeks ago, Bok Bok dropped "Dub Me Apart" — a 30 minute mix that reimagined Kelela's debut album Take Me Apart as U.K. garage and grime bangers. Inspired by the live sets they used to perform together in clubs, in which Kelela would improvise vocals over Bok Bok's zig-zagging bass, the mix is a must-listen. As Bok Bok explained in an email: "I wanted to put [Kelela's] new songs through a classic U.K. hardcore filter, speeding them up and chopping them up to add that rushing rave element." Now, you can download the mash-up of "Truth or Dare," with a beat from UKG don Steve Gurley, exclusively on The FADER — and you'd honestly be a fool not to.