Gifts we actually want to get for the holidays this year

This isn’t a gift guide, it’s a way of manifesting our dreams.

December 06, 2017
A heart-shaped plant to love

"I don't have the world's most stellar track record when it comes to keeping houseplants alive, but this one is supposedly very hardy, despite its cute appearance. My heart belongs to whoever gets me this for Christmas (terrible pun intended)." — Aimee Cliff

A comfy pod to swing in

"I really want this CB2 pod hanging chair, but even if I bought it myself, I'd probably never get around to figuring out how to set it up. So: all I want for Christmas is this sweet indoor seat and someone to hang it for me." — Rawiya Kameir

A super rare book

"Every time I look for this out-of-print LGBTQ book it’s going for crazy money on eBay, with shipping charges piled on top. I can’t justify $40 for a second hand book but maybe someone else can??" — Owen Myers

A classic watch

"I've never consistently worn a watch before but I've been craving a gold one for quite some time. This classic piece from Shinola is pretty high on my wishlist this year." — Myles Tanzer

Some potentially life-changing recipes

"Pizza is my favorite food to make. It's so satisfying to create, serve, and eat that I don't even mind cleaning up after. But as content as I am with my go-to of bacon and slightly-off argula, if we're not growin', we're dyin'. Maybe there's something in here that makes white sauce 'za acceptable." — Jordan Darville

The good kind of drama

"I need the DVD boxed set of Under Age (Miseinen), a Japanese teen drama that only ran for one season in 1995. It's supposed to rock." — Nazuk Kochhar

A comic book adventure

"A compilation of the first several issues of Misfit City, a new-ish comic from the screenwriter of cinematic masterpiece 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s a meta-mystery about a group of pals in a nowheresville American beach town that's known for one thing: it was the filming location for a cult ’80s adventure movie called The Gloomies. It's a vaguely punk, women-centric spin on the kind of story that always seems to be about straight boys on bikes." — Patrick McDermott

A cozy fleece

"This year I will experience my first winter where it gets colder than 50 degrees so I'm pretty sure I need this expensive fleece jacket with a fleece hood. It looks extremely warm." — Ben Dandridge-Lemco

Something to gather up all of the dust

"This year I've gone somewhat deeply into debt buying power tools, which I'm using to build cabinets and chairs and chests. Unfortunately, before I ran out of money I never bought a dust collector, which sucks up tiny wood particles from sanding and cutting that will invariably lead to allergic respiratory symptoms, mucosal and non-allergic respiratory symptoms, and even cancer. I love my new hobby and just want to be safe." — Duncan Cooper

A retro look

"This winter, I've discovered my love for dirty vodka martinis and how great I look with my short hair slicked to the side. I'm basically turning into Roger Sterling from Mad Men. Now all I need are the perfect pair of Warby Parker cat-eye glasses to top off my 1950s obsession." — Madison LaClair

A loving reminder

"My head has been especially noisy this year, so much so that my intuition sometimes got buried. This book of Bunny Michael's memes should serve as a great palate cleanser — a series of smart and funny reminders to nurture your relationship with yourself so you can hear your heart clearly and follow suit." — Ruth Saxelby

Some truly hot pants

"Namilia, the brand that makes the “dickinis” that Cardi B and Princess Nokia have rocked, also makes really cool sportswear. I would love to strut around looking comfy and cute with “FEEL THE HEAT” on my thighs. Thanks, future sugar daddy!!" — Leah Mandel

A face robot from the future

"This freaky skincare contraption looks like a chia pet from the year 3062 and would probably (definitely) fix my life and skin." — Juliana Pache

A spooky companion

"I have always thought it would be funny to have a life-size replica of a skeleton in my apartment. You could dress it up for various holidays, use it for pranks, use it as a jewelry rack; I really think the possibilities are endless. In 2018, we’re not letting normative views of home design stop us from living our truth." — Olivia Craighead

A #sponsored getaway

"Life tried to beat my ass multiple times in 2017 and even though it’s ending with my victory, I’m tired as hell from the fight. I need a vacation!!! Mukul, the Auberge Resort, please sponsor me. For this type of getaway, I have no qualms about ending my Instagram captions with #ad if it means I get to try out the whole cocktail menu and spend my time on that pristine private beach in a dreamy cabana." — Lakin Starling

Posted: December 06, 2017