Watch Summer of ’17, Illegal Civilization and The FADER’s magical new film

Shot on location in North Hollywood, it’s a story about navigating summer romance, and finding yourself along the way.

December 07, 2017

For many young people, summer in the suburbs is its own little universe. During this precious chunk of time off from school, adults are often out of sight, even further out of mind, and friends become the most important people on the planet. As you skate, swim, or chill through the days, there’s the opportunity of getting to know your pals — and yourself — better than ever.


That’s the journey Summer of ’17, a new short film by Illegal Civilization and The FADER, captures. Shot on location in North Hollywood and Burbank, California, Summer of ’17 follows Jeffery, played by Ryder McLaughlin, as he tries to win over a summer crush.

Produced by Malcolm Washington, directed by Illegal Civ’s Mikey Alfred, and shot by Ayinde Anderson, the film had a lot of young, black creatives who worked behind the lens to bring this film to life. Featuring cameos from Civ friends like Tyler, the Creator, and Aminé, every scene takes place across the IRL teen hangouts of Alfred’s youth. It’s the skate brand and film crew’s biggest production to date. It beautifully captures the simultaneous “WTF” internal turmoil and heart-fluttering magic of growing up and figuring your shit out. Watch Summer of ’17 above.



The FADER Presents
an Illegal Civ Cinema Production
filmed on location in North Hollywood
Post sound mix: Ian Napoleon Evans
Original Music by: Irv “Pasque” Mejia
Production Assistants: Samuel McIntosh, Viviaan Ramirez
Casting by: Kasey Elise, Mikey Alfred, Dan Bernstein, Alondra Buccio
Graphics by: Matthew Torres
1st AC: Anthony Goodman
2nd AC: Lyle Mouton
Line Producer: Jonathan Paltin
Story by: Mikey Alfred, Nico Hiraga, Aramis Hudson
Written by: Nicole Levin
Associate Producers: Rachel Day, Nick Dierl
Audio mixer: Chris Robleto-Harvey
Assistant Director: Eddie Luchemebe
Executive Producer: Rob Semmer
Produced by: Malcolm Washington
Director of Photography: Ayinde Anderson
Directed by: Mikey Alfred

Ryder McLaughlin as Jeffery
Gabriella Quezada as Alana
Nico Hiraga as Paul
Aramis Hudson as Tony
Stephanie Kerbis as Casey
Johnathan Ressum as Sunny
Aschen Hudson as himself
Kevin White as himself
Gary Rogers as himself

Black Mike
Mikey Palma
Kasey Elise
Davonte Jolly
Sunny Suljic
Tyler, the Creator
Lester Singleton
Chrystal Tillman
Samantha Nirenberg
Eliza Gold


Special Thanks to
Stray Angel Films
Illegal Civ Cinema
Baker Boys Distribution
Silver Lining Entertainment

“I Wonder Why”
Written by Melvin Anderson and Ricardo D. Weeks
Performed by Dion & The Belmonts
Courtesy of Capitol Records under license from Universal Enterprises

Performed by Frank Ocean


“You Got Me”
Performed by Omar Apollo

“Chronic Sunshine”
Performed by Cosmo Pyke

Performed by Irvin Mejia
Original song composed for the film

Watch Summer of ’17, Illegal Civilization and The FADER’s magical new film