Kablam’s new track, ”Flabbergasted & Stainful,” is a mini-mix of moods

It’s out December 15 on Swedish label Country Music.

December 14, 2017

The loosening up of form was one of electronic music composition's big moves in 2017. Sonic statements stretched their legs out, playfully creating and collapsing a string of different zones in a single mp3. Swedish artist Kablam's new track, ”Flabbergasted & Stainful,” is 8-minutes long — at the request of new-ish Swedish label/platform Country Music — and unfolds like a mini-mixtape. The fizzy, industrial energy of the first 4-5 minutes gives way to a pathos-soaked piano session, and each half of the track benefits from the pairing; it's something to do with sunshine and rain, joy and pain. If you wanted to go there, you could say the two images of Kablam in this post underline those two different states, too. But maybe that's a stretch.


"The label releasing the track, Country Music, has an interest in tempo and intensity, and how it is connected to certain states, memories and places," Kablam said over email. "They also offer the 8-minute constraint to all their artists, to work within however one wishes."

"I ended up playing a lot with tempo and contrasts," she continued. "I would say the 8-minute long track has three different moods and levels of intensity, but could be divided into two tracks. I initially made the last part which is a lil piano tune. I tried to recreate the sound of the piano I used to play on as a child — the piano I played as I started making music. This release is somehow full circle for me, going backwards in time — from gabber to piano music."

Listen below, and grab the track on its release tomorrow, Friday 15 December.