This website tells you if a movie has been ruined by sexual predators

Rotten Apples offers a database of movies with information on any accusations involving the cast or crew.

December 15, 2017
This website tells you if a movie has been ruined by sexual predators Screenshot from Rotten Apples.

The question of whether you can separate art from the artist who created it is one that has been revived in the wake of the revelations of misconduct surrounding dozens of Hollywood figures in recent months. Naturally, nobody is in a rush to see movies by alleged sexual offenders, hence many of Harvey Weinstein's upcoming titles disappearing from the release schedule and director Ridley Scott simply replacing Kevin Spacey on his upcoming Oscar-contender All The Money In The World.


Keeping tracks of every movie, and every figure across the industry is a daunting task though. Enter Rotten Apples, a new website that allows users to search a title and call up whether or not the movie has been compromised by the actions of somebody involved in the production. Its database of cast members, screenwriters, executive producers, and directors is easily searchable so your movie night won't be tainted by association with a predator.

Searching for, say, Baby Driver brings up a "rotten apples" rating due to Spacey's role in the movie. The same goes for Manchester By The Sea starring Casey Affleck, who settled two separate sexual harassment claims prior to winning an Oscar for the 2016 movie. Each rating includes a link to a news story detailing the allegations against said person. If there's nothing to report, the movie is deemed a "fresh apple."

Creator Annie Johnston told the New York Times that “every day, there’s more and more allegations that are coming to light, it’s really important that we don’t tune out and normalize this.” Her co-creator Tal Wagman said the tool was built to help viewers make “ethical media consumption decisions."

Run your next movie choice through the database here.

This website tells you if a movie has been ruined by sexual predators