Watch Puff Daddy answer 73 questions for Vogue

Brother Love takes on Vogue’s web series.

December 15, 2017

The mysterious man who asks Vogue's 73 Questions recently entered the home of Puff Daddy. In nine minutes of rapid-fire questions, Puff Daddy - who's going by Love in this video, but is still listed as Puff Daddy on tracklists as recently as yesterday - tells Vogue "There are no misconceptions about me."


He also provides a handful of great tidbits, like that his favorite clothes are socks, and his favorite midnight snack is apple pie and ice cream.

As for the future, Love has no plans to run for president, but he does plan on working hard for change in the next four years.

"My hope for the future is that my people, African Americans, will get a chance to build some economic wealth to make some positive changes in our community, so we can stop asking people for things," he told Vogue. "And that my people just get a peace of mind, man. Just get a day to breathe and not have to think about getting shot or killed or being oppressed, you know? That's all. Just want a little bit of peace and love."

Watch the full video above.

Watch Puff Daddy answer 73 questions for Vogue