Björk and Arca emerge from a glowing chrysalis in the “Arisen My Senses” video

Another stunning visual from the Icelandic singer’s new album Utopia, directed by Jesse Kanda.

December 18, 2017

In a new video for "Arisen My Senses," Björk and Arca emerge from a glowing, milky chrysalis that doubles as a giant, two-tongued mouth. The video was directed by Jesse Kanda, who also shot the cover art for Björk's new album Utopia. Kanda previously directed Björk's video for "Mouth Mantra." In an interview, Kanda said the "Arisen My Senses" video was inspired by leopard slugs and an unidentified creature that washed ashore in Indonesia. Watch "Arisen My Senses" over at WeTransfer.