Brussels club kids HE4RTBROKEN’s new compilation will help you get over your unrequited crush

Including new music from SKY H1, Soda Plains, Endgame, and more

December 22, 2017

HE4RTBROKEN is a club night in Brussels that brings together artists from across Europe who make fragmented, experimental club music. The night's founders, DJs Liyo and Steff (pictured above), have decided to mark two years in the game with the release of their first compilation: a tear-jerking collection of sinister yet strangely emotive tracks to play at the end of your night. SECRET SONGS FOR YOU features new music from Bala Club member Endgame, PAN signee SKY H1, and Soda Plains. Plus, there's an engulfing, synth-driven track from London producer Larry B, which samples perhaps the greatest British soap opera scene of all time.


Liyo explained in an email to The FADER: "With this compilation, we wanted to curate songs that have a strong emotional vibe, stirring melodies, and deep personal meaning to the artists, regardless of genres or whether it could be played in a club setting or in a bedroom. We thought of it as similar to carefully creating a mixtape for the crush who broke your heart in high school." Listen below.