Watch Steve Lacy give a TED Talk on “The Bare Maximum”

Learn to use what you have, not what you don’t, with The Internet musician.

December 22, 2017

Steve Lacy has spent 2017 touring the world as part of The Internet, working with Kendrick Lamar on DAMN., and putting out his own solo music.


On December 21 he shared a lesson in how to achieve his enviable status as a high-achieving teen with a short TED Talk. Titled "The Bare Maximum," the seven-minute talk sees Lacy extolling the virtues of embracing the things you have in your posession and making them work for you. Lacy, he explains, only had an iPhone and Garage Band when he started work on his Demo project. Writing on Twitter, Lacy was humble, saying: "here’s my goofy ass ted talk lol hope you learn something from it." Check the whole thing out above, now.