Jordan Peele explains why Get Out is a Christmas movie

The 2017 horror documentary has the makings of a holiday classic.

December 26, 2017
Jordan Peele explains why <i>Get Out </i> is a Christmas movie Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images  

Christmas is over and the rest of 2017 is on the way out, but one award-winning film from this year could be added to the canon of Christmas flicks for the holiday season. Is Get Out a new alternative Christmas classic? Jordan Peele’s answer: sure!


On Christmas eve, the director responded to a fan via Twitter asking if they could tell their family that Get Out was a Christmas movie. “Let’s see… there’s a man with a white beard, multiple deer, a fire place, a bunch of snowflakes, and a guy named Chris goes down a dark hole!” Peele wrote. “I’d say go for it!”

Get Out received accolades after its release for its provocative social commentary. Though billed as a horror film, it was nominated for a 2018 Golden Globe as a comedy. After the nomination, Peele rejected that categorization, arguing that the film was a documentary on both his Twitter and during an appearance of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

But a Christmas film? It may not be Elf or A Christmas Story, but as Peele pointed out, it does seem to check all the boxes. Snow? Check. Deer? Check. A white man with a beard? You bet. This time next year go ahead and throw on Get Out while enjoying the holidays with your family. Check out The FADER's list of other great things from 2017.

Jordan Peele explains why Get Out is a Christmas movie