John Mayer wants you to dress like Kylo Ren

But just in that one scene.

January 01, 2018


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Adam Driver stars in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as maybe the last jedi (never really clear), and in one scene he goes shirtless, but still keeps on a ridiculous pair of high-waisted pants, which people have a lot of feelings about. One of those people in acoustic guitar player John Mayer, who took to Instagram to start the #KyloRenChallenge, where men take photos of themselves dressed as Driver's shirtless character. It's a horrible thing to see, and John Mayer shouldn't have done this.


It's over. #LegoKylo has won the #kylorenchallenge 🤣

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#KyloRenChallenge #BenSwolo #TheLastJedi #StarWars

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Before it was even a thing, #kylorenchallenge Oh Disney. #mulan

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Please try to wear more shirts in 2018.

John Mayer wants you to dress like Kylo Ren