Klein to direct and score London musical Care

The Hyperdub artist will stage a fantasy musical set in a care home in early February.

January 08, 2018

Care, a new musical directed and scored by electronic musician Klein, will open in London early next month. The production was commissioned and produced by the Institute of Contemporary Arts and will be staged over two nights between February 3 and 4.


The musical is described in a press release as "a fantasy musical set in a care home. After a magical turn of events, the kids are transported into a world that will change their lives forever."

Speaking to FACT, Klein said that fellow producers Manara and Sweyn Jupiter are involved in the production. "I play the older sister of a younger girl and they both ended up in the care home because their mum abandoned them," she said of her role. "The whole thing is about how the younger sister just wants to get her mum back and we have an argument about it, which leads to us ending up in this magical world."

Klein's most recent release was her EP Tommy, which dropped in September 2017.

Posted: January 08, 2018