Noah Cyrus throws a fun and freaky dinner party in “My Way”

The pop star teams up with the U.K. electronic act One Bit for a brightly-colored new video.

January 08, 2018

In the light-hearted video for her dance-pop collab with U.K. duo One Bit, Noah Cyrus presides over a dinner party where food is the last thing on anyone’s mind. (Not that the pastel-colored pieces of fruit being served look entirely edible anyway.) Dressed in a frilly pink outfit, she performs jerky, expressive choreography with a cohort of dancers, and sings the chorus’s lyrics — ”why can’t I do this my way?” — with a big grin and a determined look on her face.


The high-octane “My Way” is a total 180 from the moody pop that Cyrus has perfected over the past year or so. The new song is centered around a sample from Scottish producer Mylo’s 2004 electro hit “Drop The Pressure,” and Cyrus’s full-bodied voice turns out to be perfectly suited to making it feel right up to date.

In an email to The FADER, One Bit said: “We originally co-wrote ‘My Way’ to a completely different track with Katya Edwards — a great songwriter friend of ours. The vocal from that original version was a lot slower, so we sped it up and put it onto the early stages of what became ‘My Way.’ When it was all together in its current form we got in touch with Noah to see if she was up for featuring on it. Thankfully, she said yes!”

Noah Cyrus has mastered being a teen and she's ready to tell you about it.

Noah Cyrus throws a fun and freaky dinner party in “My Way”