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JAY-Z is smarter than our actual president

We’ve got the tweets to prove it.

January 28, 2018

During JAY-Z's appearance on Van Jones' new CNN program, he discussed a range of topics including his Grammy nominated album, his personal life, and American politics.


This isn't the first time JAY-Z has been outspoken on political and social issues. JAY-Z has been an outspoken advocate for years. In the last year alone, he addressed the violence of mass incarceration, told a young girl she could become president after he endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, and supported Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and inequality. His album 4:44 discusses issues of race in America, and he has penned editorials for the New York Times regarding the issues he is working on.

But throughout these political actions, JAY-Z hasn't publicly caught the eye of the president. Until Sunday morning, when Donald Trump reacted (predictably) with a tweet about the CNN segment. The tweet can be seen below.

Van Jones pointed out that the President's tweet was redundant, because the issue of black unemployment rates had been discussed by JAY-Z on the show. JAY-Z pointed out that those figures weren't enough to redeem Donald Trump in his eyes. "Everyone's going to be sick."

Other Twitter users were quick to clown the president as well, pointing out the multiple ways in which he was incorrect. For starters, the policies Donald Trump is referring to began under Barack Obama.

Check out the best tweets below and watch JAY-Z speak about the issue above.

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JAY-Z is smarter than our actual president