Justin Timberlake: “Stop telling me I’m making a country album”

Timberlake says he named his new album after his son.

February 01, 2018

Justin Timberlake's Man Of The Woods album campaign, complete with rugged press shots and collaborations with country singers, has had an undeniably rustic vibe. The album, due on February 2, even has a song called "Flannel" on it. That said, Timberlake feels the record is being anticipated incorrectly and took to Instagram on Wednesday to set people straight.


“The album is named after the my son," Timberlake said of two-year-old Silas. "His name means ‘of the woods.’ Stop telling me I’m making a country album.” Check out his video above.

Timberlake has previously shared videos for "Filthy," "Supplies," and "Say Something." He'll tour in support of the album after a performance at the at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Minneapolis on February 4.

Thumbnail image via Instagram.