If you have a heartbeat, you’ll love this LA Timpa video

New-new from the Toronto genius.

February 06, 2018

On its surface, LA Timpa's "2;ep1" is sad as heck: "Why you lookin happy for? / Nothing ever happenin' / Askin' why I'm on the floor / 12 o'clock I'm on the floor," the Toronto artist growls over a self-produced beat that sounds like rush hour on a gloomy day. But the more I listened to it, and once I focused on the grainy, Othello Grey-directed clip, it started to feel decidedly not-sad — just a snapshot of the mundanity that is modern life. And there's something liberating to be found in that.


"One night in my tiny, white, tiled floor, bomb shelter apartment, I made the beat. Then [I] wrote and performed the song later that night/early morning. The lyrics circle back to the pessimistic/cynical thought that “nothing’s ever happening,” until, there's actually nothing and no one left around," said LA Timpa, adding that 2;ep1" is a "precursor to more." I'm ready!

Posted: February 06, 2018