This spoof Donald Glover rap isn’t in the new Star Wars, but it should be

“Smooth as butter, cooler than a lake, that’s why they call me Lando.”

February 06, 2018

The next Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, is meant to be about the early days of Han Solo. However, once you cast Donald Glover in your movie it's unlikely that attention will be anywhere but on him. Glover plays a young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming blockbuster and already stole the show in the movie's first trailer.


Twitter's @electrolemon was inspired to create a Childish Gambino-style rap to ramp up excitement for the movie. It's fair to say he's nailed the Gambino voice, or at least the one we heard prior to Awaken, My Love!, and spits humorous bars like, "smooth as butter, cooler than a lake, that's why they call me Lando" over clips from both the new movie and Billy Dee Williams's classic portrayal. There are also references to all the Star Wars favorites, including light sabres, Jabba The Hutt, and the Millenium Falcon. Check out the viral clip above.

Thumbnail screenshot via Disney.

Posted: February 06, 2018