Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B are teaming up for a new track

“Dinero” is coming.

February 07, 2018

There's been whispers of a Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B for a good minute now. Back in December, Lopez was caught asking DJ Khaled “Cardi's just on that one part, do you think we should do some ad-libs with her?” on an Instagram Live video shared by her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Then, she allegedly previewed the song during Calibash in January.


Now, it's official. Lopez confirmed the enormous collaboration to, saying "I feel like you already know that I collaborated with Cardi B... I do have a record coming out with her and it’s coming out soon. The name of the song is 'Dinero.'" Better yet? J-Lo confirmed that the track is getting a visual treatment. "I don’t know what the video is going to be yet," she said, "but we’ll see what we come up with.”