Cuco talks mixing his songs in his car and listening to Chicano rap

The “Sunnyside” singer doesn’t want to be put into boxes.

February 08, 2018

Cuco, the LA singer songwriter who’s a self taught producer, singer and multi instrumentalist, is on the rise. At just 18 he was captivating audiences with his honest, soft tunes. Songs like “lo Que Siento” and “Sunnyside” contributed to his growing online following.


Recently the 19-year-old artist stopped by The FADER’s offices to talk about learning how to produce, playing multiple instruments and growing up with Chicano rap.

“It has a big influence on me because I grew up listening to it,” explains Cuco, on the genre of music that inspired him, and that was able to reach outside his Latin community. “I kind of want to do that, and not just be categorized as a Latin artist.”

Watch the full interview above.