A new Twitter project finds the origin of your favorite GIFs

Matthew A. Cherry is doing everyone a favor.

February 09, 2018

Director and Twitter favorite Matthew A. Cherry took on a bold task Friday afternoon. The self-proclaimed GIF Connoisseur announced he'd begin sourcing classic GIFs to their original video, and has so far made it through at least 20 well-used memes, sometimes with help from others.


The sourced GIFs so far include Rihanna rolling up her window (from a TMZ video), Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole pointing (from 1992 American Music Awards), JAY-Z nervously dancing (from Coldplay's Lovers In Japan BBC Concert), and man pointing at his head like "think about it" (that's actor Kayode Ewumi in the web series Hood Documentary). Several more obscure references are in the thread as well, like a surprised reaction from an Italian version of Spiderman. Scroll through the whole thread here; as of now, Cherry is still taking requests.

The FADER has reached out to Cherry for more information on the project.