Na-Kel Smith is about to Christ Air on this rap game

The pro skater has delivered “STOP HATING START TRYING.”

February 09, 2018

Na-Kel Smith is a pro skater who's had design partnerships with brands like adidas and Hardies Hardware. He also raps, and is known for subtly stealing the scene from Earl Sweatshirt with a devastating verse on "DNA." Na-Kel's just dropped a video titled "STOP HATING START TRYING," and it contains two short trap anthems – one cloudy, one menacing – that further showcase his scrappy talents. The tracks celebrate work ethic, something Na-Kel spoke with The FADER about last year. The YouTube caption for "STOP HATING START TRYING" alludes to a possible title of an upcoming music project: "SKATE WORLD TOUR COMING SOON."