Topaz Jones shows off his range on “Toothache” and “Zoom”

The New Jersey rapper delivers first new material of 2018.

February 09, 2018
Topaz Jones shows off his range on “Toothache” and “Zoom” Photo by rubberband. Creative Direction by Esumi Fujimoto. / Styled by Alpha Vomero

Topaz Jones has dropped off two new tracks, the New Jersey rapper's first new material since the release of his ARCADE project in 2016. On "Toothache," Jones sits in the pocket of a funk-laced groove, while "Zoom" finds him floating over stuttered hi-hats. Taken together, the two songs are a showcase of his versatility.


"There's been such a free creative spirit in the studio lately," he told The FADER over email. "We brought my real life auntie in to do an intro and basically just told her to yell shit. My cousin sings a hook with me and some of my bandmates are on the records too. I feel like collaboration is the true sauce when it comes to making good music. We had a good ass time making these songs and I think that energy is palpable."

Listen to "Toothache" and "Zoom" below.

Topaz Jones shows off his range on “Toothache” and “Zoom”