Bad Taste throws monochromatic dinner parties that are a feast for your eyes

Remember the colored Heinz ketchup? Yeah, this is way better than that.

February 21, 2018

Bad Taste — A.K.A. the moniker for Brooklyn-based chef-turned-artist Jen Monroe — has a thing for color. Monroe has been exploring the relationship between color and food through hosting dinner parties in which she creates a menu solely based on a tint of her choice.


Her expertise of color has gone beyond insular foodie circle, catching the eye of NYC designer Sandy Liang, who recruited Monroe to help carve out her dreamy, underwater hued presentation for NYFW. Seafoam green jello fixtures, noodles, and cakes adorned the designer's fashion week set in a collaboration that set itself apart from Liang's design contemporaries.

Monroe's spin on food consumption isn't just aesthetic-driven. She recently hosted a dinner party in which her menu, titled The Next Menu, imagined the future of seafood based on the current precarious rate of global warming.

To take part in one of Monroe's upcoming shows, head to her website, and until then soak up her wonderfully weird interpretations of food below. You're going to be jealous of every boring thing you've put in your body prior to this, but that's okay.


Thumbnail image via Bad Taste Instagram. Shot by Sarah Kinlaw.