Spend a couple minutes with this song that feels like a nature expedition

Host’s Time Smoking a Picture accompanies beautiful footage of Icelandic scenery.

March 02, 2018

In 1761, British painter and engraver William Hogarth created an etching titled "Time Smoking a Picture" that critiqued the way art connoisseurs fawned over older masterpieces simply because time had improved or matured the work. It stated, instead, that time is a destroyer.


Alex Maddalena, the Rhode Islander behind the ambient music project Host, took Hogarth's idea and ran with it for his latest EP, Time Smoking a Picture. The entire project, which spans 30 glorious minutes of cello, piano, guitar and drums, was prompted by his rediscovery of old classical sheet music, and a decision to merge it with ambient guitar in a quite literal act of destroying the classics. The mix of the elements clash in waves, peaking euphorically and gracefully falling. But really, it's just lovely piece of music worth spending a couple minutes of your day with.

The video The FADER is premiering today is from the 7-minute stretch at the end of the EP's side A, and features breathtaking scenic shots of Iceland. David Feinberg, the photographer and Maddalena's cousin, "listened to the album for about a week straight while hiking around the country," Maddalena writes to us. "The vast scenery of Iceland reflected the topography of the music, especially for this particular excerpt, which has the most dramatic dynamic shifts on the album." Watch the video and check out his upcoming tour dates below.

March 6 - Philadelphia, PA - The Sound Hole
March 8 - New York, NY - H0l0
March 9 - Portland, ME - The Apohadion Theater
March 10 - Dorchester, MA - Dorchester Art Project
March 22 - Boise, ID - Treefort Music Fest - Boise Contemporary Theater