ALLBLACK and Daboii go beastmode on “07 Lynch”

The Bay Area up-and-comers head to the Beast Mode store in downtown Oakland for their new visual.

March 09, 2018

In his hometown of Oakland, California, Marshawn Lynch is a folk hero — a symbol of being unapologetically yourself to an extreme. East Oakland's ALLBLACK, whose built a buzz in the town with a string of hard-hitting projects over the last two years, taps into that energy in his latest video for "07 Lynch," a collab with SOB X RBE's Daboii. The video for the song, filmed after business hours in Lynch's Beast Mode flagship store in downtown Oakland finds the two rappers trading game-soaked verses back to back.


"I named it "07 Lynch" 'cause that's when Shawn [Marshawn Lynch] was really going crazy," ALLBLACK told The FADER over email. "That’s the year he got drafted. And I'm just gettin started like he was in '07. Shout out Beastmode. Shout out Marcus Peters."

ALLBLACK and Daboii go beastmode on “07 Lynch”