Watch SNL’s new scene for Black Panther

Sterling K. Brown stars in a new role.

March 11, 2018

After a continued streak of success at the box office, Black Panther has reached a level of success that Saturday Night Live is already using the film as the basis for a whole sketch. It helps that one of the film's actors, Sterling K. Brown, was the host on the show.


The sketch takes place during a return trip to Djialia, but T'Challa (played by Chris Redd) doesn't meet his father. Instead, he meets his great grandfather (Sterling K. Brown), his great aunt (Leslie Jones) and an uncle. And in SNL's iteration of a trip to Djialia, T'Challa doesn't receive as much wisdom or clarity from his departed family. Rather, Uncle M'Butu (played by Kenan Thompson) offers everyone his frozen hamburgers. Watch the full sketch above.

Watch SNL’s new scene for Black Panther