YFN Lucci accused of plagiarizing for “Everyday We Lit”

A rapper claims the hit borrows from his 2015 song “Everything We Lit.”

March 14, 2018

YFN Lucci is facing a lawsuit from a rapper named Rackboy Cam, TMZ reports. Cam claims Lucci's 2017 PnB Rock-featuring hit "Everyday We Lit" lifts elements from his 2015 song "Everything Be Lit."


The alleged similarities, according to documents seen by TMZ, include the melody on the hooks, and subject matter — both songs, Rackboy Cam says, include lyrics about "jewelry and women." Cam is reportedly asking the judge to order sales of the song be halted, and that YFN Lucci hand over his profits from the song.

A representative for YFN Lucci was not immediately available for comment. Watch the music video for Rackboy Cam's "Everyday We Lit" below.

YFN Lucci accused of plagiarizing for “Everyday We Lit”