Sorry, but Clueless is the only good snow day movie

You can rent it on Amazon!

March 21, 2018

With all due respect to coworkers Myles and Patrick, the perfect movie for being snowed in is actually Clueless. Amy Heckerling's 1995 masterpiece will run you $3.99 to rent on Amazon, but I swear on my Alaïa dress that it's worth it. Often mislabeled as a guilty pleasure film, I am here to tell you that Clueless is actually a Great Film that's more than worthy of your snow day viewing.


If you've never seen this teen-comedy classic: 1. I envy you for being able to watch it for the first time, and 2. Let me give you the skinny. Very loosely based on Jane Austen's Emma, Clueless follows the antics of Los Angeles teen Cher Horowitz (the iconic Alicia Silverstone) as she pursues love, gives makeovers, and scams her way to better grades. Truly, the plot is secondary. Like Taxi Driver and Citizen Kane, Clueless is a whip-smart exercise in character study. This character just so happens to have a life that looks like a Noxema commercial.

Snow day movies should make you feel warm on the inside despite the frigid outdoor weather. If young Brittany Murphy, Cranberries references, and looks to die for don't make you feel safe in a world where you can suddenly get a foot of snow in March, I just don't think I can help you.

Sorry, but Clueless is the only good snow day movie