If you’re snowed in, watch The Parent Trap

It’s a perfect movie and it’s on Hulu.

March 21, 2018
If you’re snowed in, watch <i>The Parent Trap</i> Disney/ Hulu

If you are stuck in your house with a suitable internet connection and you need something to do, I implore you to watch 1998's The Parent Trap. It's on Hulu! Yes, there are a lot of newer options and I know you haven't caught up on a bunch of Important Prestige Dramas, but hear me out — The Parent Trap is a very good movie.


The Disney movie was co-written and directed by living legend Nancy Meyers and tells the story of what happens when two sisters — twins! — who were separated at birth reunite at summer camp and hatch a plan to bring their parents back together again. Family comedy hijinks ensue but what separates this movie from conventional schlock is how good the acting is. There's a reason America was infatuated with Lindsay Lohan: she's really funny and shows surprising range playing both twins, Annie and Hallie. Dennis Quaid is ultimate '90s dad goals and the late Natasha Richardson is really amazing too. They have great chemistry together and make you believe in the pretty silly premise. But the iconic Elaine Hendrix is a scene-stealer as the film's villain, a young publicist named Meredith Blake who is delightfully awful in every scene that she's in.

Plus, the movie takes place in the summer and that's a requirement for any snow day movie. Transport yourself out of the blizzard and into summer camp, a suspiciously bright London, and sunny California via this film. In terms of Nancy Meyers famous dream houses, I'm not sure there's any place better than Nick Parker's Napa Valley vineyard. If you can't be sitting by their pool, you might as well be watching them swimming in it.

If you’re snowed in, watch The Parent Trap