RZA responds to U-God criticism: “I could never be a control freak”

The Wu-Tang Clan leader says he is happy U-God “seems engaged and satisfied.”

April 05, 2018

Last month Wu-Tang Clan member U-God made headlines when he criticized RZA, comparing him to a dictator and saying the group is “at each other’s throats.”


RZA has now responded to the comments, telling Rolling Stone that he disputes the idea that he does not manage the collective responsibly. “I could never be a control freak," RZA is quoted as saying. “If Wu-Tang is a dictatorship, how does every Wu-Tang member have their own contract, their own career and have put out more albums without me than they’ve done with me?”

However, RZA was keen to stress that he is not angry with U-God and is pleased to see him looking well. “I’m happy because I’ve watched a couple of U-God’s interviews and he seems engaged and happy and satisfied, and that’s what an artist needs.”

In 2016 U-God sued Wu-Tang Clan for $2.5 million, claiming he hadn't received a royalty payment since 2010. He contributed over 170 songs to the group's catalogue, which began with appearances on their 1993 debut Enter The 36 Chambers.