Today’s FADER newsletter: who got their Endless merch??

Just a little list of things you should care about.

April 09, 2018
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Really seemed like the web was on fire today, but there were a few bright spots. People finally received their Endless merch, which included VHS tapes and CDs. Doesn't really matter that lots of people don't have VCRs or CD drives, it's all about that sweet, sweet clout, baby. Ok, some other bright spots were uh... dang, I can't think of any. Maybe tomorrow will be better! Here's hoping!!

1. Oh my god, I'm such an idiot. The obvious bright spot of today was that Coachella confirmed Beyoncé's performance will be livestreamed on YouTube. Very good news for those of us who do not want to trek out into the desert and also are broke.

2. In case you were in a lil coma all weekend, there's a new Drake song/video. The track is called "Nice For What," and officially marks this latest album cycle at Drake's attempt at being a #WokeBae. Here's a little tip: maybe don't believe him.

3. Just like your dad would, Lil Wayne had a really good time at The Masters this weekend. As someone who knows nothing about golf and a lot about Lil Wayne, I'm happy for him.

4. Back to "Nice For What" for a sec, Big Freedia is sampled on the song so Coworker Ben talked to her about it! She had some good shit to say about not being in the video and getting the recognition she deserves. She still got that check though.

5. Move over Stephen A Smith, there's a new sports commentator in town. Filayyyy is the Instagram name of Jesse Jones, who posts the best basketball commentary around. We talked to him about how he got started, going to All Star Weekend, and making music. Really good stuff!! Make sure to follow now before playoffs season starts.


6. Wait, the ultimate gem of today is that Lil Uzi Vert is “working on the best music in his and your life.”

Life Is But A Dream

Today’s FADER newsletter: who got their Endless merch??