Cardi B’s world domination, Uzi’s IG antics, and 5 more things to know today

Just a little list of things you should care about.

April 11, 2018
Cardi B’s world domination, Uzi’s IG antics, and 5 more things to know today Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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I don't mean warmth in the emotional sense. If I have an emotional breakdown I'll try to keep the newsletter out of it. I mean do you guys remember when you could leave your house without a jacket. It truly feels like we're living in a post-apocalyptic icescape, huddled around a little fire, remembering what it feels like when the sun hits your face. Wow, is this super emo? Gotta stop writing this before it turns into a LiveJournal post. Ok, there's a ton of good stuff after the jump so please don't let my seasonally affected rambling deter you.

1. Ring the alarm. Childish Gambino and Tyler, the Creator are going on tour together. I would be very excited to attend if not for the certainty of running into every boy I've ever kissed at the show.

2. A good rule of life is that the only person you should ever read on Cardi B is Rawiya Kameir. Lucky for every one on planet Earth, she blessed us with this piece last night. It's called, quite simply, "Cardi B is good at everything she tries" which I think we can all agree on.

3. If winter ever ends, the sartorial mood for spring will be all things shimmery and iridescent. All that glitters is gold, baby!!

4. We found your new favorite punk band. They're called Empath, they're from Philly, and they fuckin' rule. Their new tape feels criminally short (only four songs 😩) but hopefully this chill-ass interview with the group will fill the void. My recommendation is to light a candle and hold your favorite crystal while listening to "The Eye." You'll see your entire future.

5. Something is... uh... going on with Lil Uzi Vert's Instagram. Someone wrote in one of his captions that 20 different people have his IG login because he wrote it on a bathroom wall at a "massage room/Brothel." But also like, maybe this is performance art? Am I thinking about this too hard? Does an affluent celebrity want to pay me $100K to do performance art on their Insta? If you have any answers to these questions, hmu.

6. More like... Empress Of My Earholes, am I right? Do we like that? I thought not. Ok, basically there's new Empress Of music and it'll make your heart swell, your eyes misty, all that good stuff. Go listen.

7. We sent a photographer to the Yaeji show in Bushwick last weekend and... y'all really looked good. Here are the best looks to try if you're gonna be steppin' out to the function.


praying to the goddess Yaeji that spring will come soon

Cardi B’s world domination, Uzi’s IG antics, and 5 more things to know today