Kanye feels like J. Cole is “always dissing him,” says Charlamagne

But he’s not mad and actually laughing.

April 19, 2018

Kanye West thinks J. Cole is "always dissing him" in his songs, Charlamagne Tha God claimed during The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning. Watch the comments above at 1:14 via Genius.


Cole sent the rap world gossiping in 2016 with "False Prophets," a song many believed contained references to Kanye West. But Ye thinks Cole is jabbing him in other songs as well, Charlamagne claimed: “He said he feels like J. Cole is always dissing him in records,” he said, pointing to lyrics in the 2014 song “No Role Modelz:” "Now all I’m left with is hoes from reality shows / Hand her a script, the bitch probably couldn’t read along."

Charlamagne said that Kanye thinks this is a reference to his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian. “[W]ho else out here is in love with people from reality shows like me,” Kanye reportedly mused. But he's cool about it, Charlamagne said: “[Kanye] didn’t say it in a malice way at all, he was laughing about it.” All that philosophy Kanye's been doing must have kicked in.

J. Cole will release a new album called KOD tomorrow, giving Kanye a fresh chance to scan for subliminals.

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Kanye feels like J. Cole is “always dissing him,” says Charlamagne