14 artists on why they love weed so much
We asked a handful of our favorite artists why they love getting high so much and they let us in on the secrets of their smoking routines.
14 artists on why they love weed so much Illustration by The FADER


Rico Nasty

"My favorite thing about smoking is being able to make it alone time or something social and cause it helps me to relax. My favorite thing to do while smoking is edit pictures or listen to music. The best snack to eat in my opinion is watermelon Sour Patch! My favorite music to listen to is my own or like Rihanna & Chief Keef."

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"My favorite things to do while smoking are listen to music, write music, and do my makeup. The best music to listen to while I’m high is Nirvana and La Chat. Best snacks to eat while I’m high as fuck is fruit — specifically grapes, the green ones. And orange juice lol."

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Peewee Longway
14 artists on why they love weed so much Ryan Lowry

"Favorite thing about weed is to be higher then the moon. Favorite thing to do when I’m smoking is relax. My favorite tv show is Martin and my best snacc is trail mix. Favorite strain is cherry pie."

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"When I’m high I binge more blunts. I eat hella freeze pops in one sitting when I’m thraxed. Sometimes I watch hella Queen of the Ring battle raps (them gals be spittin lmao). I listen to hella reggae cause I live with Monte Jamaican ass so I guess that’s my high music. Smokin make me live in the now. I’m like present af when I’m high."

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14 artists on why they love weed so much Illustration by The FADER


TS Madison

"Well honestly I don’t smoke. But i enjoy the men that do! They have a unique Flavor about them...they taste great i actually get a contact high cause they become human edibles”


"Favorite thing to do? Get head. Best music? Al Green. Snack? Slim Jim."

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14 artists on why they love weed so much

"Honestly, weed keeps me calm. I like smoking and listening to music and thinking. I came up with a lot of ideas smoking weed lol. Gotta be gas tough — all I smoke now is biscotti, wedding cake, and cookie. They’re my top right now! I don’t really watch a lot of TV like that but when I do, I like to watch movies that excite me like Belly, Blow, Wold of Wall Street type shit. For snacks, some gummy bears or some nutty butters, them bitches FYE! See that’s the shit I like about weed, I can eat good, and laugh good. When I’m rapping, it just zone me out. It’s like whatever you doing, you gon do it better if you’re high. Naw fr."

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Coma Cinema

"I love listening to Eberhard Weber’s “no motion picture” and just smoking blunts until the songs over, it’s like 18 minutes long or something like that. I get high and record music that I’m always really hyped on until I hear it back later lol. Other than that I go hang out at the Kava bar around here or something like that and just absorb the people around. I think everyone there is usually high so I don’t feel weird like I’m on a different trip than everyone else like if I go to the grocery store stoned or something like that"


"This pretty much sums it up"


14 artists on why they love weed so much Sean Lemoine

"Damn. honestly I’m such a lightweight, so whenever I smoke I just sit there and think about how high I am then I just put on my headphones and listen to whatever music comes on shuffle haha. That 70’s Show is my shit when I’m faded and if I’m not eating Dino’s, I'm prolly grubbin on McDonalds. Drawing and recording music is pretty dope too when I get a creative rush."

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Key Glock

"Favorite thing to do is to record songs and have roast sessions with homies. My Favorite tv show is Instagram or Twitter lol I don’t watch tv. Social media funny af..keeps me entertained. Favorite music is hip hop of course, no other genre give me vibes. I cant even eat a full meal unless I'm high."

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"I love to zone out with my eyes closed, listen to music, and always notice nuances I never have before. Sour straws are the ultimate stoned snack! As far as tv goes I like watching anime. One in particular, called Mushishi is really relaxing and beautiful. Once I’m done with my work for the day, smoking is a nice way to clear my mind and allow myself to enjoy the finer things in life without the stressing about the stuff my mind tends to wander to."


14 artists on why they love weed so much G L Askew II

"I smoke and record my 15 songs a night. I watch Blow over and over and eat Butterfingers. I love smoking backwoods only."

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Kyle O’Quin of Portugal. The Man

Without sounding cliché, playing piano is my favorite thing to do while smoking. Helps me put the blinders on and just get lost for hours. I really like smoking weed while i drink coffee in the morning. I’m from Seattle and we call the combo of good espresso and good weed a “Seattle speedball”. I usually wake up in the morning, make a chemex, smoke weed and read a book for a bit before starting my day. As it turns out, it’s also perfect for ending a day. Usually smoke some weed, watch some John Oliver or Curb Your Enthusiasm and that’s that.


14 artists on why they love weed so much Illustration by The FADER
14 artists on why they love weed so much