Mark Redito’s “Cloud Keep” is timeless electro-pop

And who wouldn’t want that?

April 25, 2018

Nest HQ made a documentary a few years ago about LIKIDO, an event series founded by Mark Redito that focused on underrepresented artists in L.A.'s electronic music scene. When the video starts off, a bunch of the performers refer to Mark as their "big brother."


I always remember that because as a longtime fan of his music — including, of course, when he went by his old name Spazzkid — I've always thought his production style is especially mature. It's confident music, able to incorporate just about any aesthetic and still bring it back to itself.

Case in point: "Cloud Keep," his latest single, touches on the French electro-house of Para One and Korean alt-pop of Neon Bunny, working them through a queer catfish video directed by Frank Felipe. Fun sound, fun to watch, means something… perfect execution.

One more cute detail: the video's lead, Ai, also starred in Redito's super-memorable "Goodbye" clip a few years back, filmed in Kyoto.

Mark Redito’s “Cloud Keep” is timeless electro-pop