Watch Nipsey Hussle perform “FDT” in front a picture of Kanye in a MAGA hat

At Broccoli City Festival.

April 30, 2018

By now Kanye West's acceptance of the Alt-right and its various characters is well known. Over the last crazy week he has dropped a track debating his stance with T.I., has said he shares "Dragon energy" with Trump, and shared images of himself wearing a Make America Great Again hat.


Understandably, not everyone is on board with these tactics. Over the weekend Nipsey Hussle appeared at Broccoli City Festival in D.C. When it came time to perform his Trump diss track "FDT" he did so in front of huge images of Kanye in his MAGA cap. Posting a picture from his set on Instagram, Nipsey wrote: “Performed #FDT in Washington D.C Picture Speaking A thousand Words.” Check out a clip from the crowd below.

Nipsey Hussle released his most recent album Victory Lap in February.