King Combs talks growing up listening to Bad Boy songs

The young rapper is carrying the family torch.

May 04, 2018

King Combs, the son of Sean Diddy Combs, grew up on music video shoots and listening to his father's music and music from his father's label. Those childhood experiences were what lead him to follow a similar career in music.
The younger Combs recently stopped by The FADER's offices to talk about the first music video set he was ever on, being the first person to do the Harlem Shake, and what's next. Watch the video above or read the interview below.


What did you grow up listening to?
Growing up, I always listened to Bad Boy songs. I was a big fan of G Dep, Shyne, Mase, my pops, the whole Saga Continues album, I grew up while they was creating that, and being at the music videos and stuff, it was a blessing, that's one of my favorite eras of music.

What's your first music video appearance?
I remember my first set was "Bad Boy For Life." That music video was bad fun. They was outside having a cookout, a basketball game, Shaq was there, Ice Cube, everybody. That was a great experience. It was crazy.

King Combs on carrying the family torch
I definitely feel like I have to live up to this legacy right here, and I love it. I feel like it's a different type of calling than the random person has, like it's a different type of responsibility that I'm held to, and I'm ready to take that.

What were some of your favorite Bad Boy tracks growing up?
"All About The Benjamins," "Been Around The World," those classic Bad Boy tracks definitely held a big place in my heart because like, that's when I really started discovering who I am and who my family was. Just listening to the music when I was alone, and just thinking about like watching them and knowing my surroundings, that definitely helped me become the man I am today.

King Combs on the origins of the Harlem Shake
The first one is in the "Bad Boy For Life" video. You really want to see it? Yeah, I did the first one. Watch. That was my first Harlem Shake. It was lit.

What can we expect next from you?
"Love You Better" is out now, "Love You Better" music video is about to drop, "Feeling Savage" video, CYN tape, 90s Baby mixtape, we gotta lot of new heat from this side, hope y'all ready.

King Combs talks growing up listening to Bad Boy songs