Tay-K is not facing the death penalty, rapper’s manager confirms

Ezra Averill put an end to the internet rumor.

May 24, 2018

"I won't ever flip the page, bitch I'm sticking to the script" #freetayk #freetherugrat

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Tay-K's manager Ezra Averill confirmed in an Instagram story post that the 17-year-old rapper is not facing the death penalty. "OH YEA AND AINT NO DEATH PENALTY OVER HERE #FREETAYK," Avrill wrote in the message, seen below. Tay-K is currently in prison awaiting trial for two capitol murder charges and one count of aggravated robbery.


Avrill's post puts an end to rumors that began following a shooting in a Santa Fe high school earlier this week. Soon after the incident, an unverified claim began to circulate claiming that the alleged perpetrator, 17 year-old Dimitrious Pagourtzis, would not face the death penalty, while Tay-K would for his charges. The apparent racial discrepancy was highlighted by T.I. in an Instagram post. He wrote: "We MUST START STANDING BY OURS THE SAME WAY THEY STAND BY THEIRS!!!!!"

According to research by PolitiFact, both Tay-K and Pagourtzis will both be eligible for parole if convicted, and the Supreme Court banned the death penalty for minors in 2005.

The FADER has reached out to Tay-K's attorneys for more information.

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Tay-K is not facing the death penalty, rapper’s manager confirms