Take a trip with Onyx Collective’s “Snake Charmer” video

The N.Y.C avant-jazz collective’s debut album Lower East Suite Part Three is out June 15.

May 30, 2018

I feel like it would be fun to travel with Onyx Collective. The New York City ensemble are always exploring hidden frontiers in their jazz music, so they'd probably keep you from getting lazy and just finding a McDonald's. "Snake Charmer" is a new song from the collective's EP Lower East Suite Part Two, and today The FADER is premiering the video. Shot across Morocco, the images contain an enthusiasm for travel that pairs well with the song's transcendent jam.


Onyx Collective's Isaiah Barr told us in an email how the video came together: "During the process of making the Lower East Suite, we reached out to creative people in the New York community who are close to the Onyx Collective. Our friend Sabio was in Morocco traveling across country and filming his experience. At the same time, we were in New York studying and experimenting with different Middle Eastern music. 'Snake Charmer' was a motif that we would play as an opener at our New York shows. The vibe of the music was perfect with Sabio’s footage, so we scored the visual to the sound."

Onyx Collective's debut studio album Lower East Suite Part Three is out June 15.