Offset bought a new vehicle for the man who helped him after a car crash

“He saved my life when I had that accident.”

May 31, 2018

Earlier this month Offset of Migos was admitted to hospital following a car crash in Atlanta. He was soon discharged, though details of the crash remained unconfirmed.


Yesterday, May 30, Offset shared footage of him gifting a car to a man he says "saved my life" after the accident.

"He saved my life when I had that accident," Offset says in the video featuring an unnamed man and his brand new Nissan. "He was the only one who seen me, helped me get out of the car, helped me walk and get where I needed to get to. So I bought my boy a car because he was walking to work."

Police and emergency workers were reportedly not called to the scene of the crash, which took place on May 17.

Posted: May 31, 2018