Hottie from Flavor Of Love now hosts a cooking show all about chicken

She’s not even using the microwave this time around.

June 04, 2018

How could you possibly forget Hottie from the first season of Flavor Of Love? Second to New York herself, she just might be the most iconic figure to come out of the golden era of Vh1 reality television. From comparing herself to Beyoncé, to the hair flip that shook the nation, Hottie always knew what made for good comedy, and subsequently stole every scene (and dress) during her tenures on Flavor of Love and Charm School.


Luckily for all of us, Hottie (real name Schatar Sapphira) is officially back with a new show of her own, and it's treading familiar ground. Remember when she smeared a raw chicken in jelly and chow mein noodles and popped it in the microwave for Flavor Flav's mother? Now, Sapphira is hosting a brand new cooking program titled Poultry Princess: Cooking With Schatar.

The first two episodes are already up for viewing on Amazon Prime, and Sapphira says she plans to film more. Better yet? She's accepting recipe suggestions on her website, and may feature some of the best submissions on the show. Check out the trailer for the show below, and watch the first episodes here.

Posted: June 04, 2018